Medical aid for Uganda

The road conditions are bad. Yesterday’s rainfall has soaked the ground and normal cars get stuck in deep mud. Without an off-road car there is no moving around. We are traveling in the area of Mojo, a small town in northern Uganda. The town is only six kilometers away from the border to South Sudan and thus target point for many refugees, who have to flee from their home due to the long lasting civil war in South Sudan. Their homes in Uganda are spread over a large area, but some families have been given some land for farming.

Our target is the Hospital in the center of Mojo. We will coordinate our medical aid from there. While Uganda’s dealing with refugees is a prime example, there is still much to do in medical care. No other country took more refugees during the last few years then the state in East Africa.  Despite Uganda is among the poorest nations in the world, every refugee should get a piece of land. “Although the number of incoming refugees is decreasing, the stream never stops. Therefore plans for a second refugee- camp are under consideration” our team member Elena Ploegler explains.

Our task in Uganda is first of all the medical aid for the people there and the refugees, always in co-operation with the ministry of health. The hospital in Mojo, which we support technically, serves as basis. Furthermore we elaborate a concept to consequently improve the situation for the refugees in respect of hygienic circumstances and water- and food supply.

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