Health care in the crisis area

The medical work of Cap Anamur in the hospital Bossembélé was forced to adapt to the unrests that started midway through December 2020, surrounding the presidential elections. Our podcast gives the latest updates on the current state of the Central-African Republic.

Even 2 months after the elections, the Republic’s political situation ist still unstable.

Armed riots emerged in the middle of December (as we reported in our news from 18/12/2020) and our medical project staff had to be removed from the clinic in Bossembélé to a safe location. The medical supply was carried out by local workers during that time. Our workers stayed in the capital Bangui, from where they held frequent contact with the clinic staff in Bossembélé.

The situation all around our clinic’s location was highly tense up until mid-January. Our medical experts and project assistants could do nothing but follow the developments from a distance.

When the fights started, almost 1.000 people came to our hospital grounds looking for safety, so we had to make sure they’re supplied with food and water. This is why we organized a large food delivery on December 28th. Following this event, a bit of calm was restored and many shelter-seeking citizens returned to their villages.

At the end of January, our Cap Anamur staff returned to the hospital, where they resumed their work and contributed to the supply of the patients.

The riots resurfaced in early February, forcing many hundreds of people to seek shelter on our hospital grounds, again. A large delivery supplied them with an adequate amount of foods and medication. The installation of new sanitary stations was essential to the prevention of infectious diseases, given the large number of people who came by. An extension of the fountain sufficed to keep up with the increased need for water.

We don’t charge money for our health care services, because the population is in a moment of crisis right now.

Cap Anamur podcast about the Central-African Republic

The current situation, along with its political roots that resulted in today’s armed unrests, is topic in our first Cap Anamur podcast. Our CEO Volker Rath discusses the political situation in the country along with member of the board Dr. Werner Höfner, who has regularly visited the Central-African Republic for projects.

Our current project employee Jesse, who as a nurse spent the last weeks on-sit, is also reporting on the latest developments. Additionally, our local project worker Marius Akpe and general manager Bernd Göken are featured in our first podcast. They create an interesting overview of our work in the Central-African Republic and stress the importance that our support will carry into the future.

Here you can listen to our first podcast episode.