“My life situation has improved”

Cap Anamur supports a physiotherapeutic practice in Lebanon – our patient Tasneem explains how the therapy has changed her life.

Since the beginning of 2018, Cap Anamur runs a physiotherapeutic and pedagogic practice in Lebanon for Syrian refugee children (news from December 21, 2018).Cap Anamur Physiotherapie im Libanon

There children with various physical disabilities are treated free of charge. Two physiotherapists are working for Cap Anamur for this purpose.They currently offer therapies adapted to the needs to 40 children from Syrian refugee families, but also from Lebanese families who cannot afford this help.

Families with children with disabilities often find it particularly difficult to flee.

The situation of their children requires increased attention and care and is associated with additional costs. However, refugee children with disabilities are neither registered nor financially supported. By offering a holistic program, Cap Anamur gives the children back a piece of quality of life.

One of our patients who comes for physiotherapy several times a week is Tasneem.

Cap Anamur Physiotherapie im LibanonShe was born with deformed lower legs. As a small child in her home country Syria, she did not have an operation that would have prevented the malformation. Cap Anamur has made orthoses available for Tasneem, which meanwhile enable her to stand and walk independently.

Tasneem tells us how our therapy has changed her life:

“My name is Tasneem Abdulkarim and I am 15 years old. I am a Palestinian from Syria and came to Lebanon mainly because of the conflicts in Syria.

What has really improved with therapy, what is most important to me is that I can rely more on myself, not my family, when I want to go somewhere.

Then I am mentally strengthened because I have the feeling that my living situation have improved. There have been about five years that my situation has worsened due to the use of crutches.

The therapy here is better than in my home country and it allows me to improve more factors. I did not have this help in Syria. So here I have more attention than there, even from my family.

My future will be better, even if I am not cured 100%, but mainly I want to have my own job, for example lawyer or journalist. “

The project for refugee children with disabilities initiated by Cap Anamur is unique in the refugee camp in Saida. The physiotherapeutic treatment not only gives the children back quality of life, the families are also relieved.

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