Der Tropensturm "Idai" traf Mosambik mit voller Wucht. Die Hafenstadt Beira ist beinahe völlig zerstört.

Reconstruction project successfully completed

Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Doctors e.V. started its operation in Mozambique in March 2019, shortly after cyclone Idai. Our work initially focused on emergency aid in the port city of Beira and shortly after on the reconstruction of the hospital in Buzi.

The construction works on the hospital, which was largely destroyed, were variegated. Collapsed walls had to be newly constructed, the roof of the complex of buildings rebuilt, and the water and power supply renewed.

First, the emergency medical care of the patients had to be done in hospital tents. Little by little we made the rooms of the hospital usable again. And at the end of our work we were even able to inaugurate a new radiology department.

During the 13 months that we were on site in Mozambique, we always had medical staff on duty. First our nurses looked after the emergency care of the patients in the hospital tents. When the hospital was able to resume its operations bit by bit, our nurses and midwives supported the medical care and the organizational work in the hospital.

Finally, the radiology department was set up again and an X-ray machine was installed – this is the first time the hospital in Buzi has had a radiology department since more than 10 years.

Our project is now finished and we have handed over the work to the local nurses and doctors and can now devote ourselves to new projects.

The reconstructed hospital in Buzi: