Food distribution

As finally there was some rainfall in the drought regions of Somalia, we were able to reduce our water supply truck trips. But there is no reason for an all clear signal, as people are still suffering from a severe life threatening food shortage. Harvests were missed and a major part of cattle died during recent month, which form basis of the living of the nomads. Therefore our team provides food packages to three communities extremely in need. The packages contain among others rice, beans, tuna, salt and oil in order to ensure support of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and grease to about 600 families.

To moderate water supply in the long run, we started to build water reservoirs, where rain water is collected and stored. With the help of the village inhabitants we dig out two basins of 10 times 5 meters. They will get a concrete floor and will be protected by a cover against dirt and evaporation.

Medical care

In addition our medical team treats sick and wounded patients in a 40 bed- hospital in Coynabo, some 300 kilometers east of the capital Hargeisa. We help with nursery services for patients, who suffer from cholera, diarrhea and measles. Furthermore we deliver medicines urgently needed and teach the local staff in diagnostic, therapy and hygienic. To reach people in remote areas, too, we support a mobile clinic.

“With this project we found another important and appropriate place for our help” Cap Anamur executive officer Bernd Goecken said after his visit in Somaliland. “The people there urgently need our help. Therefore please support us with your donation”

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