Cap Anamur builds a school in Judeegaun

As our two nurses are caring for the sick and wounded from the village of Judeegaun and its
environs, our logistician Jürgen Maul provided them with enough food for one month. A few days
ago we started the reconstruction planning of the village school.

All of the schoolbuildings were destroyed by the earthquake two weeks ago. The nine classrooms,
as well as the library, the offices and the dining room, in which parents used to cook for the
children, cannot be repaired. This is why Cap Anamur will build all of these buildings new.
"Together with the local architects we will plan the construction of the new, earthquake-proof
school", Jürgen Maul says: “We want the 300 students to feel safe in the classrooms. The
earthquake on tuesday increased the fear of quakes and collapsing buildings even more. At what
time the construction of the school can be started is still unknown.”

The greatest challenge of the construction will be the logistics. The streets to the village are
partially blocked by debris leading to weeks of work for getting the construction material to the site.
Also monsoon rains are expected to make the aid transports even more difficult, because of
landslides and floodings. People living in emergency shelters or tents, due to losing their homes,
would also be defenceless against the heavy rains.