Good progress with construction of school building

Only one month after the earthquake our logistic expert Juergen Maul started planning and preparation for reconstruction. The school building in Judeegaun was totally damaged like 95% of the buildings in this mountain village. ”These people here were hit very hard: None of their homes can be used further on” Juergen Maul reports. He traveled together with our medical emergency team to the Katmandu region only four days after the earthquake. “Before everybody will have a firm roof above his head again, it will take month or even years. With the new built of the school we will contribute to the village community”

“We make faster progress with the construction as we thought before and this despite of interruption by the monsoon rain” Maul said. “Most likely the pupils will be using their new classrooms already in September. Until than teaching takes place in a preliminary school, where classrooms are in metal containers or even outdoor, when the weather is nice. Toilettes and washing facilities are in operation already”.

Most construction workers are locals from Judeegaun and thus make their money to repair their homes.