No construction-stop despite monsoon rains

Over the past few weeks, our team has achieved a lot in Nepal. All of that while dealing with the ongoing heavy monsoon rains. The house for the caretakers of the pupils, in which a small canteen is integrated, is almost finished. In the next few weeks, the walls will be plastered, the roof will be built and the windows and doors will be put in.

The shell of the first large school building, with five classrooms, is also almost finished. The construction workers are currently concentrating on the upper concrete pillars, which help to further stabilize the building. This is because the new school is built to be earthquake-proof. The concrete pillars of the second large building, where another five classrooms are constructed, have already been installed and the floor has been concreated. Next a team will start building the walls. This will take them approximately two weeks.

At the end of September, the fourth building is supposed to be dealt with. On a sixteen-by-six-meter area the administration rooms, a staff room, a library and a computer room will arise. Afterwards the team will start with the sanitary facilities for the entire school. We plan on installing a sufficient and sustainable water supply for the school and the village.

220 sacks of cement are already in use and we will be in need of about the same amount of cement again. We repaired the road, which was badly affected by the heavy rainfall, the best we could, to ensure a safe transport of materials to the remote mountain village of Judeegaun. Now all the necessary goods can be transported by tractors, despite the difficult road conditions.

In total, 22 local workers are helping us to build the school. This includes a logistics specialist and six experienced construction workers. The other 15 locals lost their homes due to the earthquake and use this work to earn the money, so they can rebuild their own houses.