Food and medicine for the people in Judeegaun

For a week now, our aid team is active in the Nepalese crisis region. We have set camp in the remote mountain village of Judeegaun, located approximately 60 km east of the capital Kathmandu. Regardless of the widely impassable streets and roads, our logistician Jürgen Maul was able to organize a food transport to the village and to supply the approx. 1900 villagers with rice, lentils, cooking oil, salt and sugar. Each family has received food provisions for the upcoming four weeks.

At the same time, our nurses Anabela and Philippe Valentin, together with a few villagers, have built up an improvised health care center and equipped it with the necessary medicine and dressing material. Since then, we treat wounded and ill here. By now, the news has spread and also people from surrounding villages are using our medical service. In this region only little help has arrived, yet.

Despite the distress, the people of Judeegaun have not lost their optimism: “We are experiencing confidence instead of hopelessness every day” reports Jürgen Maul. “The people are looking at what is to come, removing rubble and ruins as good as possible and making themselves an improvised home with tents, tarpaulins and blankets. This is amazing”. In fact, our employees were guests of a wedding on Tuesday, in the center of ruins, and were allowed a few untroubled hours.

Our place of action:

The mountain village Judeegaun was struck hard by a magnitude-7.8 earthquake on the 25th of April. About 1900 people live in the community 60 km from Kathmandu. Over 90 % of the former 215 houses are in ruins. The people, who possessed little even before the earthquake, have lost everything. Nine inhabitants died during the quake, 60 were severely injured and many more suffered from minor injuries. In addition, many of their livestock died. Donkeys, cows, mules and yaks: for most of the families a substantial part of their means of existence.