Emergency team on its way to Nepal

Our emergency team is on its way to Nepal at the moment. The medical team travels to the earthquake struck area with the crisis experienced logistician Jürgen Maul to render first aid and to provide much-needed supplies. Jürgen Maul led our mission in the Philippines last year and also supported our work in Somalia, North Korea, Sudan and Bangladesh.

“Our team is going to Bhaktapur first which is located approx. 15 km east of Kathmandu. From there we will continue to the smaller surrounding villages, because the people there are without any support until now” says Cap-Anamur-managing director Bernd Göken who is coordinating the mission from Cologne. “Supporting the suffering population is our first priority. In addition we will bring food and medication to this region as soon as possible. The biggest challenge at the moment is the largely destroyed infrastructure. In order to also bring help to the remote regions we cooperate with colleagues of a local aid organization.”

Last Saturday (25.04.2015) a major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 has shook the Himalayan state badly. Until now more than 4 400 deaths were reported and more than 6 thousand people injured. Multiple intense aftershocks kept the population in terror. Countless buildings are in ruins. Quick relief is desperately needed.