Emergency-response team launches mission in remote mountain village

Only four days after the earthquake our emergency-response team reached the nepalese crisis area. Our employees have made their way to the remote mountain village of Judeegaun, where around 1,900 people live and which is about 60 kilometers east of the capital Kathmandu. These people who did not have much before this incident, have now lost even the least: more than 90 percent of the 215 houses collapsed and have buried the few personal belongings under them. Nine villagers were killed, 60 were critically injured and many sustained minor injuries. Many farm animals, such as donkeys, cows, mules and yaks, died: Which also is a great impact on the livelihoods for most families.

Establishment of an outpatient clinic

Quickly, our two nurses Anabela and Philippe Valentin got an overview of the injured, who where still undealt with and provided the necessary medicines and bandages. With the help of villagers, our team has set up a dedicated area for patient care. In this outpatient clinic, which was built temporarily with construction leftovers and tarps, the treatment of the villagers will begin today. “We are happy to be able to start providing medical care so quickly and are now setting up our camp here,” Philippe Valentin reports .

Meanwhile, logistician Jürgen Maul takes care of the acquisition of relief supplies. “Although we can buy tents, tarpaulins, blankets and food, the transport of these materials is tough and tedious, because of the very poor road conditions,” Maul reports. “These people depend on our aid deliveries. They have neither food or water nor a roof over their heads. We will now ensure to provide these people for one month.“

Valuable support is received from colleagues of a local aid-organization.

Last Saturday, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake severely shook the Himalayan state. So far, more than 5,500 dead are confirmed. Several aftershocks got people panicking again. Countless buildings are in ruins. Fast help is needed urgently.

Cap Anamur appeals for donations on behalf of the earthquake victims in Nepal.