Reconstruction in Nepal

In April thousands of Nepaleses have lost everything within Minutes: their home, their belongings or even worse relatives and friends. Around 8.000 people did not survive the massive earthquake. And seven months later, a major part of the extremely poor population still lacks of not even having a solid roof over their heads.

The Cap Anamur emergency aid team arrived only four days after the quake in the Himalayan country: While our nurses took care of sick and injured people in a self-constructed outpatient clinic at the remote mountain village of Judeegaun, our crisis-experienced logistician Jürgen Maul managed to come up with first relief goods and food.

“Help with reconstruction – this is what people need most urgently after the acute phase. Because more than 95% of the houses in Judeegaun were destroyed to ashes.”, Maul reports, who is active for Cap Anamur since eight years. “But before we could start rebuilding the school, we had to clear the road to the mountain village from remains and repair the road holes, so that we could manage to get the numerous truckloads with stones, cement and steel to the construction site. The logistics was a great challenge anyway, but the monsoon rain made everything worse.”

But our local construction team of 22 could not be discouraged of it: About 300 children of the village should get their new, earthquake-proof school as soon as possible. Concrete-steel pillars in 15 and 30 centimetres wide, which provide special stability, are installed into the walls every three meters and set into the ground 120 centimetres deep. A nice and intended side effect of this project: The construction workers, who have also lost their houses, earn with the help of this work the money they need to rebuild their homes.

“The people in Judeegaun were incredibly proud and grateful that we have stood by them during this hard time.”, reports nurse Anabela Valentin. “We put up our tent in the village and have experienced an intensive time with each other. Definitely: We will keep these people in memory.”