New project in eastern Ukraine

Cap-Anamur chairman Dr. Werner Strahl returns from first evaluation mission

Cap-Anamur chairman Dr. Werner Strahl travelled to the Ukrainian war zones for one week. His goal was to sound out possible aid measures. In the meantime, the organisation provided first aid in the form of a delivery of medicines and bandaging materials to the remote and severely underserved hospital in Svitlodarsk. We will expand our humanitarian aid for the people in the Donez Basin in the coming months.

“We travelled over 1,000 kilometres in the front line on roads severely damaged by tanks and grenades,” reports paediatrician Dr. Strahl. “We were denied passes into the occupied or rather pro-Russian ‘liberated’ areas, and thus denied entry. But we also gained a lot of depressing impressions on the Ukrainian side. While the economic situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions was already very bad before the war – dilapidated large combines and mines, poor housing conditions and poverty – many people now receive no wages at all. In view of the poor exchange rate, pensions are not enough to live on. And then there are the brutal acts of war on both sides, which force the frightened inhabitants to flee to the East or West. Our help is urgently needed!”

So far, about 6,000 people have been killed and there are numerous injured people who need care in hospitals. However, the hospitals are lacking everything and some of them were seriously hit. The rebuilding of destroyed houses and bridges cannot yet begin in view of the continuing impact of artillery shells. “Minsk 2’” is not yet a safer success, but it does give some hope to the otherwise deeply depressed population.