Diese Frühchen können in der renovierten Neugeborenenstation noch besser versorgt werden.

Even better care for the youngest

In our hospital in Kiryandongo we have freshly renovated the neonatology, that is the ward for prematurely born babies. Through this renovation and the relocation to new wing, we can now better separate the prematurely born infants from those born at term and those requiring less medical attention.

“Lately, we have had an especially high number of extremely small premature babies, weighing barely 1000 grams,” says Cap Anamur pediatric nurse Simone Ross, “now we can take much better care of these infants.”

Blick in die FrühgeborenenstationNow the mothers also have more space to stay with their children and even sleep next to them in individual cases. Two new beds are available for these cases. The so-called “kangaroo-method” is especially important for premature babies. Following this method, these children spent a lot of time lying on their mother’s chest. Infants whose care follows the kangaroo-method have a high probability of survival and are less susceptible to serious diseases.

In addition, the Cap Anamur team on site has equipped the ward with a backup and connected it to the generator, ensuring the constant supply of electricity for the warming bed and the oxygen concentrators.
The nursing staff can now prepare medication in a separate room, which provides for a more hygienic handling and processing.