Emergency Aid and Reconstruction in the Philippines

Typhoon „Haiyan“ left a trail of destruction in its wake. In the meantime, more and more relief items keep pouring into the affected islands. Reconstruction will probably require several months. Cap Anamur is concentrating on helping the survivors of Doong Island located west of Leyte and north of Cebu Island. The villages Luyongbaybay and Doong are severely hit. The few stone houses that are left are badly damaged. There are about 7.500 inhabitants, living on fishing and farming, the fishing equipment and harvest being largely destroyed.

Dr. Dennis Gutmann and Nurse Yasmin Hiller are ministering to the sick and injured patients. Volker Rath, as logistic technician, is carrying out damage analysis and reconstruction organisation. Altogether a number of 300 residences are destroyed, including the two schools, a kindergarten and the health center.

Our technical team starts with refurbishment of the health centre’s ambulance as well as launching the preparations and cleansing-up operations of the primary and secondary school. Our technicians are also busy with planning construction of the huts. From a logistic viewpoint this proves quite a challenge, since we have to buy the necessary material in Cebu and transport everything by boat.

We will build a carpentry workshop for the preparation of the wood, where the required material can be stored, cut to size and processed. For this purpose, a large temporary covered space will be mounted by us. Since it will take probably about 12 months until the island is reconnected to the electricity network, we will purchase a generator for running the necessary equipment. We will provide the ambulance and the schools with small solar units.

For reinforcement of our team, technicians Marco Reiml and Andreas Herr will leave for the Philippines within the next few days. Both have already been on duty for Cap Anamur and will actively support building of stable huts in the months to come.