„One cup a day“

Since a few weeks our team is in Somaliland, a region in the north of Somalia, with a mobile clinic to be able to supply the isolated villages with medicine. The mobile clinic is on duty six days a week and reaches one or two villages a day, depending on the location. Momentarily, there are 13 villages on the schedule of the small team which should be called at every two weeks at the latest. As a result, nearly 30,000 inhabitants can receive medical attention on a regular basis.

Our employees had a special experience when they arrived with the clinic in Goljano, which is a small village at the foot of a mountain. After already having been on site for two hours and having had different consultations, an old man of about 75 years who could not walk alone anymore, was suddenly brought inside to our team. His blood pressure was 220/120, his complete body was shivering and he could barely talk. After receiving some antihypertensive medicine as well as something to drink, the man was feeling slightly better. Responding to the question of how much he drinks everyday, he said “One cup a day“. “I was completely shook by this answer. While I explained to him how important a lot of drinking is, I immediately poured some more water into his cup“, Thorsten Kirsch, Cap Anamur nurse, said. Afterwards, the man was able to walk without our help uptight and alone back to his accommodation. When our team arrived back at the village for another consultation-hour two weeks later, he came to us to measure his blood pressure once more, which had normalised by now. Furthermore, he told our employees, he had never slept as good as in these past few days.

The drought in Africa hit especially the rural areas hard. Since the beginning of 2017 we supply the villages in the north of Somalia with water and food. Right now, only 32 percent of the population in Somalia has access to clean drinking water. Even though the rainy season this year was better than in the previous years, the suffering in the population is great.