Visiting our project site in Lebanon

Part of monitoring our projects around the world is to visit them on a regular basis. This is why board member Mathias Lindstedt paid a visit to our project site in Lebanon for Syrian refugees in February of this year. Besides providing medical care for often seriously injured and traumatised refugees, Cap Anamur has recently started operating a physiotherapy and social pedagogy practice, which provides free treatment for refugee children with physical disabilities.

One of these children is Saada. The now 17-year old underwent open surgery on her back as a small child; her spine is crooked and her legs are partially paralysed and stunted preventing her from straightening her knees, which makes her unable to walk. Mathias Lindstedt was quite impressed with the work of physiotherapist Nihal and project leader Volker Rath. ‘We could already see positive results even though Saada had only been receiving treatment for 2 months,’ said her doctor. The 11-year-old Fahid is another patient. He lives in a small room with his 10 siblings and his mother. As a result of oxygen deficiency, he suffers from general body weakness and is now receiving physiotherapeutic treatment thanks to Cap Anamur. Social pedagogue Farah and voluntary social worker Suzanne play and communicate with him. He needs ortheses and special shoes, which will be paid for by Cap Anamur – thus giving him a completely new attitude towards life.

The project initiated by Cap Anamur for refugee children with disabilities is the only one of its kind in the refugee camp in Sidon. Not only does the physiotherapy improve the children’s quality of life, but it also makes their families’ lives easier.

In addition to the project, Cap Anamur provides access to medical treatment for Syrian refugees. Apart from covering the cost of transport to the medical practice, we also pay for treatment and medication. ‘Despite most refugees living in terribly small, damp, unfinished buildings or tents, they are all incredibly friendly and accommodating. Our presence in Lebanon is desperately needed and my colleagues on site are doing great work,’ concluded board member Mathias Lindstedt after visiting the refugee camp in Sidon.

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