Rapid emergency assistance for refugees in Bouali

Since the riots started in the Central African Republic in December 2012, more than one million people are on the run, about 840,000 of them as internally displaced people. In Bouali, a city 120 kilometers northwest of the capital Bangui, about 600 Muslim Central Africans were granted asylum in a church. In their houses they were no longer safe and prone to attacks. Hoping to be able to return to their houses soon, they persevere together in the church. To leave their home town and move to one of the refugee camps is out of question for most of them.

During the last months, the Imam of Bouali and the Father of the church took care of these people with their full commitment. However, due to a deteriorating supply situation and a dramatic rise in food prices, the two men had no chance to source food for the last few weeks. In addition, provision of medical care for the sick people gets more urgent every day.

“In this pressing emergency situation, we take care of these people who otherwise would have to proceed to the insecure capital”, reports our project coordinator Volker Rath. Our colleague Marius Akpé managed to bring in some food staples and is now looking after the medical care with support of the medical head of district, Dr. Kanga, and a nurse.

Parallely, we started a medical project for the hospital in Bossembélé, 40 kilometers north of the church in Bouali. There are first signs of stabilization and the people gradually return home after finding refuge in the bush. Since our project was announced in the local radio stations, the number of patients is increasing rapidly. “Our help is welcomed and necessary since the humanitarian situation is likely to further deteriorate during the coming rainy season”, states logistics expert Volker Rath. To support this project, a doctor and a nurse will travel to the Central African Republic in the next days.

“With restarting the hospital and the medical care for all people irrespective of their faith, we want to light a beacon of tolerance. This should also lay the foundation for the Christians and Muslims living here to step towards each other”, says Bernd Göken, managing director of Cap Anamur. “Please support this important work with your donation.”