Shangilia children at the Aids conference in Bangkok

For 11 children from the Shangilia-Project this is probably the most exciting experience of their life: To fly to Bangkok to the 15. World-Aids-Conference to represent all children from Africa. The conference opened with a surprise, the song Stardust, in Thai, performed together by the African children and a Group of aids infected Thai children. It took 5 days of practice to learn the lyrics. After the official speeches another performance from Shangilia followed. This time with a new dance that they confidently called Shangilia. UN-Secretary-General Kofi Annan applauded loudly.

16 groups from Kenia competed for the ticket to Bangkok. Shangilia´s children won- and the problems for Suzanne Njeri, the project manager, started. None of the children had a passport or a birth certificate. For weeks they spoke with government agencies and tried to find relatives of the children. A race against time. Finally 11 children whose passports problems were sorted out were sent on the journey. They were not the children who had won the competition and had to practice intensively to catch up. With success!