Cap Anamur receives water well for Ebola shelter

Our shelter for Ebola-orphans and contact children now has its own water supply. A new water well was gifted to us during an official ceremony on May 23. Financial and organizational support was provided by UNMEER (United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response), a special unit within the United Nations that provides support to projects fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone. „We are very happy to be able to support Cap Anamur’s work with this water well“ said Anahit Saydoan, the United Nation’s Ebola crisis manager. „The amount of support provided to these children on-site by Cap Anamur staff is very impressive.“

Thus, the shelter now has its own water supply. Cap Anamur had already worked on possible ways to supply the institution with water more effectively as early as spring of 2015. On the one hand, supplying water from the outside requires considerable logistical effort and is very expensive. On the other hand, the technical implementation of a water well on-site requires special equipment. In the end, Team & Team International, a South Korean company with extensive experience in constructing water wells in East Africa, undertook the task of building the water well. In this process the construction site of the well posed the greatest challenge: „Since the ground is very hard and uneven, mobilizing the equipment presented several difficulties“, explained chief engineeer Yong Joo Lee. „However, I never doubted this project, not even for a second.“

Since November 2014 we have been isolating and caring for children in this Cap Anamur shelter who are suspected of having been in contact with Ebola patients, but are still symptom-free. Cap Anamur currently employs 28 local staff members.