Opening of New Intensive Care Unit

Four months after the ending of the Ebola epidemic in November 2015, we started a new project in Sierra Leone, aimed at strengthening the country’s frail health system: a rebuild of Makeni’s regional hospital, equipped with 140 beds. Located in the heart of Sierra Leone, the facility is a fundamental pillar in providing for the region’s medical care.

Ever since, our team is committed to improving the medical system. Today – almost two years later – we are happy with our accomplishments: central sterilization allows for clean surgeries and bandage change. Medical workers regularly attend well-frequented staff trainings. Statistics reflect our success: the mortality rate among newborns and mothers is far below the country’s average.

Patients keep on coming, to which we react by constructional expansions: by the end of the year, our newly built intensive care was put into operation. Finally, it is possible to monitor critical and unstable patients day and night, and supply them with oxygen. The 12-bed intensive care unit is the most modern in Sierra Leone. It covers each and every division and allows for the aftercare of patients who have just come out of surgery. Up to five patients can be simultaneously given first care, in the emergency department belonging to the hospital. The way to the OR is now a short one, and intensive care nurses have gladly been schooled by their German colleagues.

Chairman Dr Werner Strahl found it to be a great pleasure to take part in the opening in February. He congratulated hospital management and staff as well as the region’s political representatives, and was glad about the success in fighting corruption. He welcomed the renewed enthusiasm after the Ebola epidemic: “This model hospital could not have been built without our devoted contributors,” Strahl said. “Both the local team and our Cologne headquarter would like to thank you for your generous help!”

Please find more pictures of the new station in our picture gallery.