Boulder destroyed four living-huts

By Dennis Wellmann

During the night of Sunday to Monday a massive boulder dissolved from a hillside, not far from our Streetkids-project Pikin Paddy, and destroyed four living-huts. Within the process four young men died, who have since been recovered from the rubble. The search for missing persons continues.

Preliminary estimates suggest that about 53 people have lost their housing, 22 of whom are children. Because Cap Anamur was the first international aid organization on-site, we immediately started with some relief measures. Initially our team provided food and drinking water for the people. Three children, who were homeless due to the accident and were not able to find a place to sleep right then, found shelter at Pikin Paddy. For the upcoming weeks, the other children concerned are invited to eat at Pikin Paddy.

The misfortune took place in Magazine Wharf, a poor district in the capitol of Sierra Leone, Freetown. That is where Cap Anamur supervises the Pikin Paddy since 2012. Furthermore, we are running a hygiene project since July this year to prevent Ebola, which includes the cleaning and disinfection of toilets in the slum area.

We are glad, that we are able to provide fast and uncomplicated support.