A country dies from thirst

Merciless the sun burns down on the dried out soil of Somalia. Since three years there was no rainfall at all. When something comes down from above, it is only sparse. The large green meadows have disappeared and been replaced by deserts. First, cattle become weaker and weaker, can hardly move and finally die emaciated on the ground. The few remaining water resources the people need for themselves. But with cattle passing away there are further problems for the rural and nomadic population:  Food runs short while prices keep rising. Most of the men go west with their cattle or look for help in the cities. Women, children and elderly people very often remain alone in the villages.  To provide vital water supply for these people is the main target for Cap Anamur since early this year.  Thus our team supports the peasant population in the rural regions of Somali-Land, an area in the North-West of the country.

It is very difficult for aid organizations to reach the people in need in this country, which is characterized by armed battles with the Islamic terroristic militia of Al-Shabaab. About 13,000 people we reach every week to distribute about 136,000 liters of drinking water. But we want to help on a long term basis. Therefore besides the emergency measures we plan construction of wells. But this is a great challenge in this area. Most of the wells are dry, water can only be found very deep under dried out river beds. “Normally the rain season should have started, but it remains dry. So far there was almost no rainfall” our logistic expert Ole Hengelbrock reports. “The people further on have to rely on emergency aid. It is not imaginable what it would mean if rain season would totally fail to appear. “

Secure sustained medical aid

The medical situation gets worse dramatically due to the lack of water. Animal cadavers contaminate ground-water; contaminated water wholes support spreading infections. Chronic undernourishment, diarrhea and complicated pregnancies are only a few of the problems which our team faced day by day. But the options to reach a hospital or a doctor are very limited – due to the long distances.

Since several month the teams of Cap Anamur travel with a mobile hospital to provide basic medical aid and transport patients with critical issues to the next hospital, sometimes more than 100 kilometers away. There is a close cooperation with local medical staff. To secure a sustainable support for the rural population our team has installed a hospital and supports from there several medical posts and centers.

Every donation counts!

Please support us to helps people in humanitarian crisis! With 20 Euros you can finance 20 packets with high calorific food for malnourished children. With 110 Euros we can provide a comprehensive vaccination for five children. A set of investigation tools for our medical post costs 300 Euros.