Support on four wheels

Still the awaited rain fails to appear. Actually the rain season in Somalia should have started, but so far only a few drops fell. The people expect the life giving rain for three years now. Results are dying cattle herd, hunger and thirst and growing sickness.  Since beginning of this year Cap Anamur is engaged in Somaliland, a region in the north. There we support people in rural areas with water and food.  For about 13.000 people a week we provided water, more than 400 families received food for one month.

“Missing clean water and sufficient food for a longer time has influence on health” tells Ole Hengelbrock, our team member onsite. “ A lot of people suffer from diarrhea, anemia, malnutrition and measles. Women experience complications or are losing their pregnancy.  The immune system of these people is very weak after the drought, they are exhausted and at the end of their strength. “

Medical support

In addition to water and food deliveries for the rural population we support two mobile hospitals, too. This is a local initiative founded by Somali doctors. As the major part of the population has no access to basic medical care the Somali team visits the rural people to provide basic medical support and transfer critical cases to a hospital, sometimes more than 100 kilometers away.  So far the mobile station traveled only once in three weeks. Cap Anamur provides medicines and fuel for the SUVs; thus the team can go out every Friday now.  This means, about 300 people per week can be treated.

To help even more people we have expanded our team: Since last weekend a nurse and a midwife joined the team. With this help we will open a closed hospital during the next few weeks.

Pease support people in Somalia. Every donation counts!