Emergency aid for drought victims

Since the beginning of the year, Cap Anamur has been actively providing aid in Somaliland, a region in northeast Somalia. The people here are suffering from a devastating drought. For three years, not a single drop of rain has fallen. What once used to be a green pastureland, serving as farmland and as food resource for goats and herds of camels, has now been reduced to grey thickets and sandy deserts. The repercussions of climate change are being exacerbated by the effects of El Niño.

The rural population is being particularly affected. More than half are pastoral nomads who have already lost a great part of their animals and with them their livelihood. With the hopes of finding water, a lot of the men headed west with their surviving animals. Others fled towards villages and cities in order to find support.

Our team provides emergency aid in rural areas and supply water to those who stayed behind, especially women, children and elders. With our truck, we manage to reach around 1,225 families and distribute 136,000 liters of drinking water every week. “The situation is expected to improve at the earliest in April or May, with the start of the rainy season,” reported Ole Hengelbrock, logistics specialist at Cap-Anamur. “Until then, these people are in need of emergency aid. What the consequences of this rainy season also not taking place would imply, are unimaginable.”

In order to tackle the drought problem in the long-term, we are planning to build wells in addition to providing emergency aid, which is a major challenge in this area. Water can still be found deep under the ground of a few dried out rivers, but most wells have been dried up for a long time. At the same time, our team is also trying to find out whether the harsh conditions would allow for the establishment of health posts or centers in rural areas. Due to the lack of sources of drinking water the medical situation has drastically deteriorated. This way, the remote surviving population can be provided with medical aid.

“Cap Anamur aims to provide aid to these people urgently and in the long-term,” stated Chairman Dr. Werner Strahl, who was in northeast Somalia himself in November. “Please give us the opportunity to do so and support us with your donations!”

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