Call for Donations | Emergency Relief in Somalia

Cap Anamur supplies drought victims with drinking water.

The consequences of the heavy drought in East Africa are disastrous. There was no harvest, people are starving and numerous livestock has died. According to the UN, in Somali alone over 6 million people rely on humanitarian aid, that makes about half of the population. Cap Anamur is supplying the villages Sabawanaag and Caadadlay of Northeastern Somalia with water. The population there consists mainly of women, children and elders, since most men left with the remaining livestock towards west to find water and grazing land, almost always in vain, since the water resources there are used up as well. After receiving a call for help from the western region of Gabiley, where people didn’t have any access to drinking water any more, we started an emergency aid campaign to at least cover the minimum need of drinking water to prevent humans and their livestock of dying of thirst.

Please support our emergency aid in Somalia with your donation.