Street children shelter in Sierra Leone gets a new home

Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. founded the street children shelter Pikin Paddy in 2012 in the heart of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.  The shelter is a port of call for street children, as approximately 2,000 children live on the streets in Freetown.

In our shelter the boys and girls receive regular meals, a place to sleep and school-like lessons. Social workers from Germany and Sierra Leone work together to provide the children with psychosocial support. The care leads to the children being reintegrated into their families and school.

The Pikin Paddy was previously located in a house in the heart of Freetown. The central location had the advantage that street children from the surrounding slums had an immediate port of call. However, many leisure activities had to take place on the roof of the Pikin Paddy, as the narrow and crowded streets in Freetown do not allow outdoor activities.

A new building with lots of space for playing and romping

Now, Cap Anamur has found a new building, which is a little outside of the centre, but has many advantages due to its location in the green mountains of Freetown. The children not only have more space in the house but can also enjoy their leisure activities such as football in the large courtyard of the building complex.Das neue Straßenkinder-Schutzhaus in Sierra Leone mit viel Platz zum Spielen und Toben

For the relocation, our project staff was able to call on the help of local staff from our hygiene project, which we carry out in the slums. Together they packed up the furniture, loaded it onto transport vehicles and drove to their new home.

There, everything was unloaded, the children were able to inspect the new rooms and explore the outdoor area.

Das neue große Esszimmer im Straßenkinder-Schutzhaus Pikin PaddyOur educator Jana Gutscher, who has been working in the Pikin Paddy since August, is very enthusiastic about the new house: “It is truly perfect all round. The kids are really happy. Finally, there is a lot of space to play and romp around”.