“The people here rely on us – today more than ever”

Johannes Plate, male nurse from Rostock, Germany is working in the Nuba-mountains since three years.

What is special in this very remote project?

Cap Anamur works here for twenty years now and is e real constant. The people, for whom the war is day to day life, trust in us. In the months before the rain period the situation got even worse: Large scale bombing on civil targets, too and heavy ground fighting, while many villages were destroyed. There is almost no international aid in this isolated region, where nearly one million people live. Nevertheless we managed to extend our support network and in our seven stations we treat about 15,000 to 20,000 patients a month, numbers increasing. The people here rely on us- today more than ever.

Is this the reason why you want to stay longer in this country?

Yes. And it is good to see how the project develops. Our vaccination program, for example, is a great success story. Since the war broke out again in 2011 after 9 years of ceasefire, no children received vaccination. Within the following measles outbreak a lot of children died. We achieved in a very short time period to organize vaccination serum, to transport it safely to the mountains and vaccinate about 80,000 children in the Nuba-mountains. Meanwhile we vaccinate in three of our hospitals all year round.

Did this engagement change you?

I became more thoughtful, but more relaxed, too, and I look with more distance to things, which occur in the western world. In a world like in the Nuba-mountains, where future is very unsecure, things get a different value. Even when family and friends were always important for me, the meaning of “community” and “enjoy the moment” I learned to appreciate differently. Whenever a single person cannot perform, he calls the community for help. Being it construction of houses or seeding and harvesting, 20 to 30 people walk to the fields singing. This is such a nice picture! We, too, could rely on active support of the community when working on our hospitals, like repairing roofs. With all what I give, I get a lot in return.