Heavy Rains in the Nuba Mountains

Normally at this time of the year you can hear singing in the Nuba Mountains. In fact, the inhabitants of the war-torn region in Sudan should now start sowing for the harvest – a task that is usually performed singing. However, it is impossible to think about singing and harvest right now, when the first rainfalls were unexpectedly early and heavy this year. Since it has rarely rained in the area for the last few years, the storms came as a surprise for the inhabitants.

For more than a week, thunderstorms have been spreading over the war-torn area of ​​the Nuba every day. The flowing water masses do not stop for people nor buildings. The houses, which mostly are built of clay with grass roofs, cannot hold out against the water for long. Some houses were completely destroyed or torn away by the river. And the storms also took victims: eight children and one woman have fallen victim to the floods.

Our hospital in Lwere has also been affected by the storms: since Lwere is situated in a narrow valley between two mountain ranges which provide the best natural protection against the bomb attacks, both the mudslides from the mountains, as well as the rising water masses due to the river level increasing by up to three metres in a very short time, caused a great amount of damage. Paths and steps were swept away and part of the newly erected wall was torn down by the water. The water drainage trenches were flooded by the mudslides from the mountain and the water entered many buildings. Three dormitory houses are under threat of collapse.

Our employees are now busy digging the trenches again, filling sandbags and freeing rooms and material from the mud. Since the rain also brings on malaria, every bed in the hospital will be needed soon so the repair of the buildings is top priority in the coming days.