Our main support in the Nuba mountains

Our longest lasting project is the one in the Sudan Nuba mountains. More than 18 years ago Cap Anamur started with medical aid for the Nubas. And almost since that time Joseph Yacoub is a major support for us. The 43 year old is a native Nuba, but he joined us as a refugee from El Obeid.

In these times his family had sent Joseph to El Obeid, a city north of the Nuba mountains, to enable him to go to school. After graduation he was called to the military troops- to fight against his own people. In his despair he flew from the troops to seek shelter in the Nuba mountains and found our hospital. And thus he started to work for us in 1998, first as a logistic worker in the pharmacy.

In the years to follow he used every opportunity to satisfy his thirstfor knowledge. Especially our German team members appreciated his rapid perception and educated him more and more in medical knowledge. He quickly learnt and was very skillful. Therefore Cap Anamur surgeon Eckart Winkler could train him as a surgeon during numerous services in Sudan. First there were simple interventions like C-sections or hernias. Today Joseph can perform more complicated interventions. Another doctor, Klaus Eckert, enabled Joseph to become a Clinical Officer. After this training German surgeons came to the hospital on a regular basis for work and training.

Joseph became an important cornerstone for the medical support in the Nuba mountains. He amongst other local colleagues is a good example for our work concept: Experts transfer their knowledge to the locals in undersupplied and left behind regions to enable them to continue the work.

Still today Joseph is keen to extend his skills and hopes for further training on site. But it is not easy to find this in the unrest in the Nuba mountains. Meanwhile Joseph would be able to work everywhere, but luckily he does not even think of leaving his people behind. Thanks to his engagement a lot of people could stay instead leaving their home country.  Joseph’s children go to school in Kenya in order to get a good education. They too will return to the Nuba mountains with all the knowledge gained- to a hopefully more peaceful future.

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