Medical care for civil-war refugees

Violence in Syria is unbroken and there is no sign of an end of the horror. It is tragic: Despite all military and diplomatic endeavors there seems to be no solution for the conflict. Up till now hundreds of thousands of people lost their life. Almost half of the population is fleeing: 6.5 million as domestic refugees, 5 million seek shelter in the neighborhood countries Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. Syrian government as well as rebels commit war crimes, and even the few hospitals left are intentionally bombed.

“As a medical organization we have only limited room to maneuver” Bernd Goeken, chief executive of Cap Anamur explains. “International help- organizations are targeted attacked.” We had to witness this three years ago, when our team including Bernd Goeken was almost kidnapped by the terror militia Islamic State (IS) in the small town of Azaz. Since this attack we work in Syria almost invisible and operate in this manner three polyclinics in the country.

Besides the operation of these hospitals we support Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries, where people futile hope for a return to their home countries since years. We support two hospitals in Jordan and run a project in Lebanon, where we enable Syrian people to get medical treatment by transporting them to the hospitals and pay for the treatment. Presently we realize another project: A container hospital for refugees.

Construction of a container- clinic

According to Amnesty International in the refugee camp near Rukban, located in the no man’s land near the Syrian – Jordan border, about 75,000 refugees are stuck. They remain here under inhuman conditions and wait for their entry permit – some of them since many months.

However, after a bomb attack against a nearby military post in June, when 6 soldiers died, the Jordan government shut off the area large scale. For international aid organizations the Jordan border remains closed, too, and thus the way to deliver aid to the refugee camps. These people are restricted from humanitarian help since five months: They lack of water, food and medical care.

Despite the shut off our team managed to bring a container- clinic to this remote desert area. At present the doctors treat about 150 patients a day in six containers. They report manifold and heavy health problems. “These people urgently need our help” Bernd Goeken emphasizes. “Mainly children suffer from the extreme conditions in the desert. Please support our important work by donations for medicines and medical staff.”