Our new container clinic in Rukban refugee camp

According to Amnesty International, around 75,000 Syrian refugees are now stranded in the refugee camp in Rukban, a no-man’s-land in the Syria-Jordan border area. After fleeing from the civil war in their home country, they are now forced to endure inhuman conditions in this wasteland while they wait to enter Jordan – some have been waiting for several months.

Following a car bomb attack on a nearby military post in June, in which six soldier were killed and 14 people were injured, the Jordanian government sealed off the whole area. The Jordanian border even remains closed to international helpers, blocking the delivery of aid to the camp via Jordan. As a result, these people have been largely cut off from humanitarian assistance for over three months. They are in need of water, food and medical supplies. Human rights organizations have denounced their poor living conditions on multiple occasions. Mass graves have even been spotted by satellites.

Container clinic set up by Cap Anamur

Despite the lockdown, our team there has managed to transport a container clinic to the remote desert location. Our logistics experts were able to deliver the first medicines and medical personnel. The doctors are currently treating about 150 sick and injured people every day. They report that they are encountering a wide variety health problems, some of which are very serious.

“We are extremely pleased that despite the complicated situation, we have managed to set up a medical center at the site”, Bernd Göken, CEO of Cap Anamur, said. “Many of the refugees are in poor health, above all children who are suffering from the extreme conditions in the desert. Please support us in this crucial work by donating money to pay for tablets, intravenous drips, bandages and salaries for doctors and nurses.”