Ukraine | Hospital reconstruction aid

Responding to a call for help from the Ukraine, in the beginning of this year, our CEO Werner Strahl visited a hospital that was in poor condition in the Eastern part of the country where armed conflicts always occur. After he returned to Germany, his report confirmed what has already been reported to Cap Anamur before: The hospital was not only sparsely equipped, but due to a bombing attack in the area it also had no windows in some rooms.  Touched by the situation, Dr. Werner Strahl described the circumstances on site and the conditions that the local aid organization works in the hospital.

Cap Anamur immediately took the decision to help the local organization. Therefore, in addition to the renovation of destroyed windows, Cap Anamur decided to supply the hospital with vital medicines and medical equipment. The hospital restoration is now completed so that all rooms can be used again and the patients can receive appropriate care. The Ukrainian organization is tremendously grateful for the help. “We are incredibly thankful. This support is of great help for our Organization and has tremendous impact on the medical care provided in this region” said Sergii Pashchukov of the East Ukrainian Human Rights Group.