Today, on World Refugee day over 65 million people are on the flight, which are more people than ever before. Their life stories are drawn by war, hunger, poverty, fear and hopelessness. Flight seems to be the only way of salvation. It became the purpose of his life for Rupert Neudeck to help those people. He committed himself restlessly until his death to people who were on the flight as also in distressed situations. On the 30th anniversary of our organization the founder of Cap Anamur said referring to the motivation of his actions: “I never want to be coward again. Cap Anamur is the best result of the German endeavor, never to be coward again, but to be courageous.”

In this sense we will continue with our aid for refugees into the future. Up to this day this aid belongs to our most important tasks: this way we provide a medical supply network for the Nuba people in Sudan since almost two decades. Really currently Hundreds of families had to hide in the caves of the Nuba Mountains to escape the constant bombings. Our team provides emergency medical care there and supplies with specialty foods for malnourished children. All together 2,4 million men, women and children as internal refugees are looking for protection against violence and oppression.

Also in Syria we are increasing our aid for victims of the civil war: Of 10,5 million Syrians who are on flight about 6,5 million are on flight in their own country. After 6 years of civil war most of them plainly do not have the money or the energy, to leave their home country. Cap Anamur is running here three hospitals, pays for the salaries for the indigenous doctors and the hospital staff and supports them with medications and other supplies. Besides that we are helping Syrian refugees of the civil war in two clinics in Jordan. To be able to support more Syrians, we are planning a medical project in Lebanon, where more than a million refugees are living – mostly under pitiful conditions.

From the very beginning the employees of Cap Anamur were concerned with the fate of the refugees in numerous projects and this became inherent part of our history. This also will form our work in the future, since neither for the people in Syria nor for the people in Sudan an improvement of their situation is in sight. In addition to that we are planning further measures for people who are expelled in their own country like for example a medical aid project for the people in Irak. Our managing director Bernd Göken will be travelling to the North of the country for  a first evaluation already in the coming month.