World Refugee Day 2017

Cap Anamur supports refugees all over the world

For most people it is unimaginable to leave house, work, all belongings and sometimes even the family behind and start all over again in a foreign country.  For us it is hardly understandable, what worries and threats force people into such radical steps. According to UN- Refugee Agency in 2016 about 65 million people were forced to flee.

Syria has to cope with the largest refugee crisis world- wide. Almost 12 million people fled from the civil war since 2011. Lots of them hope to return to their homeland and thus settled in nearby countries like Jordan. Cap Anamur there provides medical care to them in three hospitals. Furthermore we support three undercover hospitals in Syria.

In Lebanon we support refugees, too. Officially Lebanon has 4.3 million inhabitants and is not even half as large as Bavaria. In addition, there are half a million Palestinians, who live in camps – and in recent years, refugees from Syria came, too. There are no exact numbers available. But in addition to 1.2 million Syrians officially counted there is a dark figure of 500.000. This means, about half the population in Lebanon are refugees. Contrary to many other countries refugees in Lebanon have a right for school education. Unfortunately only a few children can reach a school in reality. Cap Anamur takes care of transportation for these children. Furthermore we organize small repairs in the camps, mostly water pumps and equipment for waste disposal in order to improve the hygienic situation and prevent illnesses.

Besides the medical support in Jordan and Lebanon we support the displaced people of the Nuba tribe in Sudan. Sudan is amongst the countries with the highest in-land refugees in the world. Cap Anamur therefore supports the people on site, delivers goods and medical care.