World Peace Day 2018

There are no winners in a war. Our employees know this first handedly, as they often travel to war countries despite the dangers, to help the people on site. The sorrow and misery our employees have to face there can often barely be expressed in words. Since the foundation Cap Anamur has tried to give the people hope, give peace a chance and stand up to war with the weapons of humanity in 64 countries of the world.

Afghanistan – No skilled personnel

While the political influence of the official government in Afghanistan often does not reach further than the city boundary of Kabul, political and religious leaders of different clan ship are fighting in the 34 provinces for the regional hegemony. The end of the violence is not in sight and the attacks and fights consistently demand their civil victims.

Many people flee the lack of perspective in their own country. Especially better situated circles who can afford the departure are fleeing the violence. This is the reason why Afghanistan has been experiencing a considerable decrease of skilled personnel for several years. This is most noticeably becoming a problem in the medical field of the rural areas. Most of the few hospitals are located in the urban areas, which are not or only very difficult to reach for most people of the 34 provinces of the country. The time consuming access routes are not only dangerous for the rural population but also expensive and barely possible to overcome for severely ill and heavily pregnant women.

We want react to the shortage of skilled labor with a training of nurses. The training is state-approved and free for students who obligate to go back to their village and work as a medical professional after their training.

Syria – Not a home

Since 2011, Syria is a country at civil war, which has not least become obscure and unpredictable because of the interference of numerous actors. Many parts of the country are destroyed and offer neither a livelihood nor a perspective for the future of the people. Due to a new military offensive in the area of Daraa, in the south of Syria, another 250,000 people lost their home.

Cap Anamur supports the Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. Therefore we operate five policlinics in refugee camps in Jordan, organize the transportation to the health centers in Lebanon and manage a physiotherapeutic and socio-pedagogical office, where refugee children with different physical disabilities are treated for free.

Sudan – No hope for improvement

For decades the Sudanese state South Kordofan has been marked by military conflicts between government troops and rebel forces. The fights have been fueled again in 2011, when the state South Sudan was newly founded. Even though the population requested otherwise, South Kordofan was not attributed to independent Southern Sudan but stayed in the circle of power of Sudan. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army North (SPLA-N) does not want to leave this territory to the ruler Omar al-Bashir without a fight and make a stand against the government forces. Especially the civil population suffers from this war, as their houses, fields and animals frequently become the target of governmental bombings. Also health facilities get blasted or burnt down. Only the caves of the Nuba mountains, which pass through the state, offer some protection against the attacks.

We coordinate our activities from our hospital in Lwere, which we built 20 years ago. To be able to connect the remote areas to our primary health care, we meanwhile operate six health stations, which are spread across with a distance of about 100 kilometers and which build a solid supply network. This is where we treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries.