Rebuilding in Mozambique

The impact of the storm

It was the first time since its declaration of independence that Mozambique has declared a state of emergency. According to estimates, 1.7 Million people were living in the regions in which the tropical storm “Idai” raged with torrential rain and storm floods. The death toll amounts to over 600.

Still today, almost three month after “Idai”, many people still suffer from the disastrous impact of this natural disaster. Fields are devastated, food is scarce, houses, schools and hospitals are completely destroyed and diseases have spread quickly due to contaminated drinking water.

From emergency relief to sustainability

Our emergency relief team started its commitment just a few days after the natural disaster, in the port of Beira. The city had been hit extremely hard by the storm and was cut off from the outside world for several days. Our aid continued with the reconstruction of a hospital in Buzi, a region in the vicinity of Beira.

Before the cyclone “Idai”, the hospital in Buzi had been a small but efficient clinic with up to 300 patients per day in consultation hours and in emergency hospitalization. After “Idai” large parts of the hospital had been destroyed. Almost all buildings had lost their roofs or parts of them. Many Walls have collapsed and there is no electricity. Medical tents were the only medical care available for the people in the region.

Progress in rebuilding

In just three months, our team has been able to make substantial and visible progress. The construction works on the hospital are going well. The damaged buildings have been cleared of debris. The roof has been repaired and rebuilt and electricity and water supply have been re-established.

Furthermore the medical staff has been trained and aided in the care of their patients. In this respect we will support the hospital staff on medical and organisational aspects after the renovation of the hospital.