Hospital extension opened

In April we celebrated the opening of the new department for Internal Medicine in our hospital in Bossembélé. An extension was needed as the old premises were only accessible by a steep staircase – and were also far too small. Local politicians, journalists and UN staff attended the opening ceremony and were shown around the hospital by our staff members. In the meantime, the Internal Medicine Team has moved into the new rooms and taken up their work there. We have been working in the Central African Republic for three years now, training medical staff and gradually expanding the hospital in Bossembélé.

Introduction of a morning staff meeting

In order to discuss complex cases and to cover any questions or problems which arise in the hospital, the medical staff in Bossembélé now hold a staff meeting every morning. Each department has the opportunity to present new and difficult cases to their colleagues so that the whole team can find joint solutions and new approaches. In addition, the shift system on the maternity ward was altered to improve handling of night-time emergency situations.

So-called “emergency cards” for particularly acute cases, for example for children with very high fever, have been introduced to ensure that these patients are treated more quickly at the pharmacy and when they come for a consultation. In this way we can prevent the situation, for example, that a child starts to get febrile convulsions while waiting at the hospital.

We are are currently experiencing increased incidences of meningitis – both in adults and in children. In order to curb the number of infections, our staff is currently planning a large vaccination campaign in the entire Bossembélé district.

New construction projects planned

The emergency power supply has been completed. This means that both the medical department and the pharmacy now also have their own supply of solar power. The next building project is the construction of new toilets and a staff hall of residence.

In addition, our builders will support in the construction work on the health centre in Lambi, which was heavily damaged during the last storm. The bridge on route to the health centre has already been repaired. Next we will be building a new consultation room and a labour ward, so that medical activities can be carried out indoors again as of the beginning of May. Activities such as consultations and vaccinations are currently taking place outside.

Fruitful cooperation

The vaccination program is up and running, many illnesses – including malaria – can now be treated and the people in the Central African Republic are glad of our help. And, we are currently providing training to a villager in Bossembélé which will enable him to work as a Community Health Worker at the Health Centre Outpost.

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