Extension of our hospital

After three years activity in Central African Republic our project which started as an emergency project emerged to a development cooperation project.  With our continuous education and training of medical staff as well as the ongoing extension of the building our hospital in Bossembélé provides today exemplary medical care.

To cope with the raising numbers of patients we first extended the pediatric station and the operating station including surgery. By early January we started the construction of the internal medicine. The rooms of the previous station are dark, only reachable over narrow stairs and much too small.

The work shows good progress: The red brick walls are more than 2 meters high and momentarily our construction team secures the building with a ring of concrete and steel. We hope to open the station in April this year. Until than here develops a room with 12 beds, a isolation ward with three beds, an examination room, a caretaking room and a storage room.

Extension of water supply

The need for water has heavily increased with more buildings and higher numbers of patients. After we put a 2,000 liter tank in operation in the beginning, we now have drilled two more wells, each 20 meters deep, which provide enough water for hygienic measures as well as for patients and their relatives from 5,000 liter tanks. This is a big relief for patients and our staff, since concern over water supply is over now.

At the end of the construction we will erect a staff-building and a fence against animals, as frequently cows, donkeys, pigs, goats and chicken run across the area and destroy the surface.

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