Extension of the hospital

Almost since three years we are active in Central African Republic. Besides the improvement of medical care by education and training for medical staff, our focus is on the refurbishment and further extension of the hospital. Step by step we renovate the buildings, built new stations where necessary and optimize building structures.

We started the construction work with the children’s station, which was opened in summer 2015 and offers room for consultations, check- ups, a “milk-kitchen” and treatment for malnourished children. The wide hallway serves as waiting area. Furthermore we have an area for inpatient accommodation. Here we can separate infected children from those immune compromised by malnourishment in order to prevent infection.

Construction at full blast

This year first we built the new pharmacy which is in operation since March. In parallel we erected a patients’ kitchen. The kitchen can also serve as waiting area, so that patient respectively mothers with sick children have a dry and clean place during the rain- season. Furthermore our staff dug little channels to have the water drained from the hospital area under control.

After this in April our construction team started with building a maternity unit and the refurbishment of the surgery station. “We had to built a provisional surgery station first, since the hospital continued operation during construction phase” said Cap Anamur architect Andreas Tsukalas, who is in charge of the construction work of the project. “This requires great flexibility in the day to day work”.

Water, electric power and light

Not less important was the refurbishment of the water well, which secures water supply for the whole institution. “After we completed digging down to groundwater level we could install a new pump and built a water tower” Markus Apke, our logistic manager reports. “Thereafter we addressed the light system. Thanks to the solar modules we are able now to light the paediatrics ward, the maternity station, the delivery room and the laboratory at night. This makes work a lot easier during darkness.”

The construction goes on despite rain-season, while we have increasing numbers of patients at this time- among them Malaria infections and pneumonia. It is pleasing that with the good technical development the medical care could be optimized, too. The staff is highly motivated and is exemplary looking to maintain high hygienic standards, so that so far no secondary infections have occurred. Despite high numbers of patients the hospital team can ensure adequate and good treatment. The weekly trainings are well accepted such as the training for birth assistance by our staff- member Alain, which lead to a significant improvement of quality in the maternity station. In the surgery department we provide trainings in hygienic and sterility. Thus the already good standard of the station can be maintained.

Our second project-site

In Yaloke we have significantly improved the electric power supply for all buildings. All old power lines have been replaced by reliable cables, the buildings were equipped with sufficient lamps. We started repairs on doors, windows and leaking roofs and we have finished some work already. In order to increase hygienic standards we brought two sterilization devices into operation. Training courses and test- runs ensure proper operation by the local staff.

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