Mobile Hospital

Almost since three years there is civil war in Central African Republic, where the Islam dominated Seleka and the mainly Christian Anti-Balaka fight each other. Of course the civil population suffers most. There are about one million refugees in their home country and in the neighbouring countries Cameroon, Chad and Democratic Republic of the Congo and many more are relying on humanitarian aid. But the media don’t report about this crisis.

We are involved here since two years by supporting the hospital in Bossembele, some 160 kilometers north west of the capital Bangui, and the hospital in Yaloke, another 60 kilometers to the west. The medical system of the country has broken down to a large extend.

Furthermore we started with a mobile hospital, but be had to stop operation due to security reasons. As the presidential and parliamentary elections, which were postponed for several times, have now been held in a peaceful manner, the situation has cooled down and there is a little hope for an end of the civil war. Under these circumstances we could start with our mobile hospital to support two villages, one respectively two driving hours away. The emphasis of this effort was to take care of children, women and pregnant women as well as to provide vaccinations against tuberculosis, yellow fever, measles and tetanus.

 “The small medical stations in these villages have informed the citizens about our arrival and the cost free treatment offer and therefore a lot of people came to our mobile consultation hour” Philip Eisermann, our Cap Anamur doctor reports. In a team with our logistic expert Marius Apke, the nurses Marina Knauf and Kathinka Degen and two local colleagues who acted as translators, he provided care to about 100 patients on one day. “We detected a little girl, who was malnourished and anemic and had malaria,too” Eisermann said. “We transported the 8 years old orphan, who lived with her aunt, to our hospital in Bossembele to provide adequate treatment to her. To detect such critical cases is one important issue for our mobile hospital”

As long as the security situation allows we will go to another village named Boudouli with our mobile clinic. Looking from our hospital the villages are located, north, south-west and south and thus we cover a large area. Our team will visit the three villages in a two weeks rhythm. The population will be aware of the fixed dates of the consultation hours.

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