Artists for Cap Anamur

“Artists for Cap Anamur” is a joint project between Art of Buna Gallery and Cap Anamur

Artists have been donating their work to our collection “Artists for Cap Anamur”, which will then be sold at benefit events or auctions. 100 percent of proceeds generated by selling the pieces will be spent on Cap Anamur’s project work. The close relationship between Cap Anamur and the Art of Buna gallery has developed over many years and it is important for everyone that there is continual exchange between us and the artists. The humanitarian work should inspire the artwork, as the art inspires us in our projects. An informational event is held every year at the Art of Buna Gallery to aid this exchange. The artists and interested members of the public are invited to come and find out the latest about Cap Anamur’s project in a laid-back atmosphere. The first event, which took place in December 2016, was a great success.

The collection currently comprises around 120images from 25 artists, and is growing all the time. Group exhibitions can be arranged in different configurations on different topics – such as contemporary painting, woodcuts and etchings, photography, African art, etc. We are happy to supplement our exhibitions with a supporting program with information on the relief organization Cap Anamur. We will provide information material about the organization’s work or arrange for a speaker to give a talk. The complete collection is also available on our online shop:

Do you want to support the humanitarian work of Cap Anamur in regions affected by war and disasters and use art to contribute toward more social justice around the world?



Buy one of our paintings, graphic designs, or photographic prints. Acquiring a work of art from the “Artists for Cap Anamur” collection is a fantastic way to donate. In return, you will receive an artwork that you will be able to enjoy for a long time.

Invite us to use your premises as an exhibition space. It doesn’t matter whether it is a gallery, an art association, a community building, a restaurant, a café, or your business premises: we will loan you the images of your choice until they are sold, or we can work together to find a suitable concept for an exhibition. The organizational aspect will also be handled by us: transport, setting-up, and dismantling.

The vast majority of our artworks were donated to us by artists and collectors. If you would like donate a piece of art to us, such as an item you may have inherited, please get in contact with us.