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A disaster with announcement

How we prepare our projects for Corona Especially in countries where the health system is already weak, the corona virus that has kept us on […] Read more

(Deutsch) Cap Anamur Krankenschwester als “Pflegerin des Jahres” ausgezeichnet

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Rebuilding in Mozambique

The impact of the storm It was the first time since its declaration of independence that Mozambique has declared a state of emergency. According to […] Read more

Expansion of our Educational Program in Nepal

The earthquake in the Himalayas, which destroyed large parts of Nepal, took away many people’s homes and many children’s chances of education and a regular […] Read more

Fever epidemic in Bangladesh

At first glance one might have thought that Bangladesh had been hit by a wave of influenza. Many people complained of headaches and aching limbs, […] Read more


The proceeds of the sold artwork are earmarked 100% for the work of Cap Anamur. There is an amicable conncection […] Read more