About us

Cap Anamur

„Cap Anamur – Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.“ (German Emergency Doctors) is a German non-profit organization based in Cologne. It was founded in 1979 by Christel and Rupert Neudeck with a group of their friends which included the Nobel Prize winning writer Heinrich Böll. Since its foundation Cap Anamur provides humanitarian aid globally, often in places where the media interest has long abated. Our activities are focused on medical care and access to education.

We conduct our work in accordance with the principle of sustainability. In war and crises zones we build structures which improve the lives of people in distress on a sustained basis: we construct and rebuild hospitals and schools, we supply construction materials, pharmaceuticals and relief items and we provide training and development for local personnel. Our aim is to transfer a project to local staff as quickly as possible. Thus we free up resources for further missions.

Supporting Lives

Responsible action begins at the project planning stage. Our aid missions are orientated towards long term effectiveness and designed to help also after the end of our direct involvement. During a mission our teams live on site, together with the local population. This sharpens their sensitivity to the specific conditions and helps them deal with the challenges they are facing.

Our projects are exclusively funded by private donations. Since we are therefore independent from public administration we can act quickly and unbureaucratically in case of urgent emergency situations like armed conflicts and natural disasters. The diligent and transparent administration of donated funds is of paramount importance to us.

Taking Responsibility

At present Cap Anamur runs numerous projects in countries around the globe. These include the redevelopment of a hospital in Sierra Leone. Furthermore we train Afghan women to become professional midwives and community health nurses.