There are no uniform publishing standards for non-profit organizations in Germany. Still, whoever stands up for the common good should let the community know which goals have been set by the organization, where the funding is coming from, how the resources are being used and who the decision makers are. Numerous parties of the civil society and science have defined 10 fundamental points, which every public civil society organization should make accessible to the public. These include revealing the complete charter, the names of the decision makers, plus statements regarding the source of funding, the allocation of resources and staff structure.
You can find the listing of these points on Initiative von Transparency Deutschland e. V.
All signatories to this initiative commit on a voluntary basis to make this 10 points of information easy accessible on their website. Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. is part of this initiative.

  1. Name, place of business, address and year of founding

Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.

Thebäerstraße 30

50823 Cologne, Germany

Founded in 1979


  1. Complete Charter

Purpose of this organization is the support and promotion of public welfare, development aid, health care and the selfless support of people, who depend on the help of others because of their physical, mental, emotional or financial condition.

The purpose of this Charter is being fulfilled particularly by help and support for refugees, the persecuted, war and disaster victims, emergency relief in war and crisis areas, securing and building primary health care, charitable help with medical and financial aid for people as defined in Section 53, No 1, of the Fiscal Code of Germany, reconstruction aid and help for the improvement of infrastructure such as water or energy supply, disposal and similar matters. The organization may require aid in particular terms and circumstances as defined in Section 57 (1), of the Fiscal Code of Germany. You can find the full charter as a PDF file here.

  1. Notice of Exemption

The organization is exempted from corporation and trade tax in accordance to the Notice of Exemption, dated April 7th 2015.

  1. Names and functions of the decision makers

The organs of the organization include the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.
The Executive Committee comprises the following members:

Volker Rath

Dr. Werner Höfner

Boris Dieckow

  1. Activity Report

You can find the full Activity Report as a PDF file here.

  1. Staff Structure

In 2011, our office in Cologne employed (against payment) five employees, three of them on a full-time basis, the two others on a part-time basis. Furthermore, we employed an average of 26 full-time employees abroad during the past year. The three members of the Executive Committee work on a voluntary basis.

  1. Source of Funds

You can find the full profit and loss offset as a PDF file here.

  1. Allocation of Resources

You can find the full profit and loss offset as a PDF file here.

  1. Social Connection

There are no contractual relations with third parties, who would have significant influence regarding decision-making within our organization.

  1. Payments, which make up more than 10 percent of the annual budget

Neither legal entities nor private individuals have made any payments to this organization in the past year, which makes no more than 10 percent of the annual budget. Furthermore, there were no charges made by the authorities or other clients for providing services, which would have risen above this threshold.