1. Bank Account

How can I make a donation to Cap Anamur?

You can make a transfer using the following bank account:

Name of Bank: Sparkasse KoelnBonn
IBAN: DE85 3705 0198 0002 2222 22

Thank you very much for your donation – we appreciate it!

Can I send Cap Anamur a donation from a non-German bank account?

You can send a transfer to us from any country, however direct debits can only be collected by SEPA participating countries. Please check with The Association of German Banks (http://en.bankenverband.de/) to see whether your country belongs to the participating countries, or contact us directly for more information.


2. My Donation

How can I support Cap Anamur with a donation?

As a private person:

  • You can send us a one-off or regular donation
  • You can collect donations on a special occasion – for example for a birthday, anniversary etc.
  • You can organize a fund-raising campaign and collect donations from your friends and acquaintances
  • You can favour Cap Anamur in your will

As a company:

  • You can send us a one-off or regular donation
  • You can support us on a long-term basis in the form of a partnership
  • You can set up a small change collection for employees in your company
  • You can collect donations on a special occasion – for example for Christmas, anniversaries etc.

Overview of all donation possibilities.

What are the advantages of a regular donation?

Regular donations, that is, monthly donations, help us to make long-term and reliable plans for all our projects. We are then able to help quickly and flexibly if and when current emergencies arise and to react fast where the need is greatest. In addition, long-term administrative costs are reduced, since the administrative costs are lower for regular donations than for individual donations.

You can set up your regular donation here.

How can I cancel my regular donation?

You can cancel your donation order at any time and without prior notice by sending an email to spenden@cap-anamur.org or by telephone on +49 221 9138153. Please quote your donor/membership number and/or your address or IBAN.

How can I change my personal data?

You can change your personal data at any time by sending an email to spenden@cap-anamur.org or by telephone on +49 221 9138153.

Does Cap Anamur accept in-kind donations?

Since material donations (such as food, medicines, sanitary articles, clothes and plastic sheeting for accommodation, etc.) must be sorted, stored and shipped, these usually entail high costs and a great amount of time and effort. In addition, the transport often leads to higher costs than the direct purchase of the articles locally – with which we also strengthen the local infrastructure.

The best way to support our work is, therefore, the donation of money. In this way we can buy exactly the things that are needed. Money donations are in fact more efficient and – unlike material donations – need no further resources such as transport, personnel and storage capacities.

Can I become a supporting member of Cap Anamur?

Of course! As a sponsor, you support the work of Cap Anamur with a regular membership fee. You can select the amount you would like to pay for membership and your chosen membership fee can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can find out how to become a member today by following this link.

Will I receive a donation certificate for my donation / membership fee?

Both your donation and your membership fee are tax-deductible. For a single donation, you will receive a donation receipt a few weeks after receipt of your donation. You can submit the donation certificate with your tax declaration forms.

In the case of regular donations or membership fees, you will receive your collective donation certificate automatically at the beginning of the following year.

Does Cap Anamur accept monetary fines?

Yes, Cap Anamur has the right to accept monetary fines. You can find more details here.


3. Use of donations

What are Cap Anamur’s goals?

Since its foundation, Cap Anamur has adhered to the principle of helping where help is needed most. Our basic principles and guidelines have developed over the course of the many years we have been in service. We act on the principle of sustainability. In areas of war and crisis, we create structures that permanently improve the lives of people in need: the repair and construction of hospitals and schools, the training and further education of local staff, as well as the provision of building materials, supplies and medicines. After that, the faster we can hand over a project into the hands of local employees, the better. This frees up our capacities for further operations. You can find our bylaws here.

How much of my donation actually flows into the projects?

Most of your donation – in fact almost 94 percent – directly benefits people in need. We always strive to keep the administrative costs as low as possible. This is our latest donation chart (as of 2016):

93.7% Projects

4.1% Press and Publicity

2.2% Administration


4. Participation

Which projects can I participate in?

A list of all current projects can be found here.

Are there any prerequisites for working on a project at Cap Anamur?

In order to assist in our projects in a medical or technical capacity, various prerequisites must be met. In addition to the minimum age of 25, employees should also have professional experience and good foreign language skills. The full list of all requirements can be found here.

How long does my participation on a project last?

How long you work on one of our projects depends on the project as well as on you. However, we plan for you to spend at least six months on a project. This gives you enough time to adjust to the project and to get a feeling for the situation on location.

Is the project participation paid employment?

We pay our employees a gross salary of 1.490 EUR per month. Cap Anamur provides food and accommodation in the project country.

How are Cap-Anamur employees insured?

In addition to the statutory health insurance and the employer’s liability insurance, we also take out accident and return-flight insurance (in case of medical emergency) as well as a foreign health insurance for our employees.