The Foundation

Since 35 years Cap Anamur has supported the lives of people in need even in the truest sense of the word. The beginning is marked by the refugees from Vietnam who in 1979 on their way to freedom were stranded between life and death in the South China Sea: travelling on decrepit and hopelessly overcrowded boats, they were exposed to heavy thunderstorms and constantly threatened by pirate attacks. Thousands of them lost their lives.

Rescue of thousands of Boat People

Christel and Rupert Neudeck didn’t want to watch the unfolding disaster as idle bystanders. Together with friends they spontaneously founded the committee “Ein Schiff für Vietnam” (“A boat for Vietnam”). For their rescue operation they chartered the cargo ship Cap Anamur, which was named after a cape on the Turkish coastline. Despite all prophecies of failure, their first and all further tours were a great success: More than 10.000 “Boat People” were rescued; around 35.000 further people received medical care on board.

The encouragement received by the German population enabled the organization to continue their work. That was the beginning of the association “Cap Anamur – Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.” Since then we focus our activities on sustainable life aid for people in Africa, Asia and even in Europe. With the help of our donors we have realized projects in over 50 countries. Many challenges still lie ahead of us. Unfortunately the need for humanitarian aid is not decreasing. Yet we know: We can make a difference.