“I never want be a coward again. Cap Anamur is the most beautiful result of German desire to be always courageous and never cowardly again.”

Address by Rupert Neudeck on the 30th anniversary of Cap Anamur.

Since its establishment, Cap Anamur adheres to the principle of helping there, where the remedy is most urgently required. In the course of the formation and over the years of work experience, a number of guidelines and principles have emerged that are the basis for our actions.

Principles of humanitarian help for Cap Anamur

>>> We help people in distress as fast, flexibly and as non-bureaucratic as possible. Radical humanity is our commitment.

> We are aware of the impact our work has on the future of the people. With our work, we inspire and fulfill expectations. Our work is construed to create long-term projects.

>>> We construct our activities closely with the people in need and alongside the local authorities. Our work is purely demand-oriented.

>>> Our aim is to strengthen the local people’s own initiative, as well as those of the organization, in order to support self-empowerment.

>>> We help people in need, regardless of their ethnical, religious or political affiliation.

>>> We improve the infrastructure of individual projects by developing future-oriented sustainable formations, which are run by our professionally experienced staff.

>>> No project is over as soon as the operative phase is completed. We remain close and active striving towards a sustainable quality assurance throughout each stage of the project, until completion.

>>> We are always open to hear new ideas and innovations from the local people. As an organization, we see ourselves as constant learners and strive to improve our knowledge base day by day.

>>> We are aware, that by initiating change, we will inevitably change as individuals as well. No one leaves the project the same way he or she had entered it.

>>> We work hand in hand with other Non-Governmental Organizations that share our values.

>>> For each urgent case requiring emergency assistance, we bear in mind how we can transform it into sustainable development cooperation afterwards.

>>> Being politically independent does not mean ‘having no opinion’ at all. Our commitment towards the persecuted and oppressed brings us inevitably in conflict with the persecutors and the oppressors. Political attention is the basic requirement for our work; only with this understanding can dangerous situations be avoided.

>>> We decide the location, length and complexity of our operations. That is why it is very important for us to remain independent from public funding, or economic sponsoring. This is a central condition for our work.

>>> Careful budgeting as well as financial transparency towards the public and the donors is essential for us.

>>> We believe good work and operating economically, to be of highest importance for public relations.