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For over 37 years, Cap Anamur has commited itself to humanitarian aid that is independent from any political, economic or religious interests. Since then we have sent more than 1000 doctors and technicians to over 60 countries across the globe. All of our operations are coordinated and managed by our five-person team in Cologne. In order to keep on running our global projects, we are asking you for your support today. With your help we can provide emergency relief, send food, build schools and operate hospitals. It’s easy to support us!

1. Choose your way to give

There are different options for companies to support Cap Anamur’s work. Choose the one that suits your company best.
– Financial Donation: Support us with a financial donation. You are listed as a partner company for donations as little as 1.000 Euro.
Employee Fundraising: Include your employees directly into your fundraising process, for example by organizing a company run.
Christmas and Anniversary Donations: Instead of the traditional gifts, choose to surprise your employees and customers with a donation for people in need.
Every Penny Helps: Small amounts can make a huge difference! By collecting the cents from their net pay, all of your employees can get involved.

Please note: Because of our principles we gladly forgo donations from the alcohol and tobacco industries, the weapons and arms industries, the extractive industry (natural gas, crude oil, gold, and diamonds), the erotic and gambling industries, and the pharmaceutical research and production industry.

2. Get to know us

– Give us a call: 0049 221 / 91 38 150
– Send us an email:


3. Show your involvement

– With pictures and text modules for your newsletter and your in-house communications
– With our partnership certificate
– With our email signature and our logo for partner companies

Many thanks!