World Water Day

Occurring all of a sudden in Europe, it loomed over the Horn of Africa for a long time. A drought of enormous dimension led to people and animals suffering from starvation and thirst. Especially the rural population was affected by the calamity. When their flocks died of thirst, they lost their whole basis of existence.

Cap Anamur quickly reacted and sent some experienced members to Somaliland, a region in Northern Somalia, in order to distribute water and food. Medial interest subsided by now, though it did not rain much in the last few months. Our field staff still supplies the mostly rural population with rations.

However, we do not want to help only acutely but long-term. This is why we built so-called Birkas – water catch basins –, which can hold up to 500 cubic meters of water. This is nearly the volume of a small swimming pool. Up to 200 persons can benefit from one of those water catch basins.

Nevertheless, we continue to support the population with water and food supplies until it rained enough to fill the Birkas, so people in Somaliland are enabled to fend for themselves. Up until now, we could help over 13,000 persons and it will certainly become more until the rain arrives.